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What our Members Say


I was worried that with not doing any exercise for so long, I would be out of place; I did not feel uncomfortable at all. It's an amazing class, so much fun but hard work at the same time! The coaches are amazing; its' the best thing I've done for a very long time.


I was so nervous starting myself but the fact that I am still coming 9 weeks later speaks volumes. Everyone is so friendly and there is absolutely NO judgement. The classes are fun and they fly in because I am enjoying it so much.


Classes are so hard I want to die at times, but you ALWAYS get a laugh and everyone is in the same boat. No-one judges or makes you feel uncomfortable. I moan during class 'cause it's hard but that feeling afterwards is weirdly addictive and makes you want to get to the next class.



Chris Irvine

One of the founding partners of Nitrafit, Chris is an experienced personal trainer with more than 10 years working in the industry. Prior to this Chris was in the Marines and his disciplined background and knowledge helps provide our clients with a structured programme to make sure they hit their goals and reach their aspirations.

Josh McGonigal

Josh is a founding partner of Nitrafit with over five years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Josh's background in professional sport, coaching and education makes him a fountain of knowledge on all related matters. Josh believes that Nitrafit has the potential to positively change thousands of lives all over the country and beyond.

Kathryn McLellan

Kathryn joined Nitrafit  to lead the successful Nitrafit at Home offering. Kathryn has more than 3 years of experience teaching fitness classes, working one on one with clients, specifically focusing on fat loss through weight lifting. Kathryn is loved by all her clients for being really friendly and well respected by colleagues for achieiving excellent results.

Stephen Connor

Stephen initially joined Nitrafit as one of our members so has been through everything that will be put in front of you! His background in professional football as well as his natural motivation and determination makes him a great fit, and he was invited to become a coach for our classes. Stephen is now a qualified PT in his own right having recently completed the course.

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